Women Airbnb Hosts in Malaysia Earn Over RM176 Million in 2022

Airbnb revealed that hosting is providing women with a significant financial opportunity amidst rising costs of living

Damai Bayu - A Cozy Langkawi Farmer's Cottage, a traditional Malay cottage hosted by Marina and her husband

Women are a cornerstone in Airbnb’s Host community, and comprise 55% of all Hosts globally*. They also comprise 40% of Airbnb’s 1 million Superhosts**, who are top-rated experienced Hosts who provide guests with outstanding hospitality in more than 200 countries and territories. Women Hosts earned more than USD16 billion on the platform in 2022, nearly 10% more than male Hosts.

Highlighting the importance of Airbnb’s women-powered Host community in Malaysia, Mich Goh, Airbnb’s Head of Public Policy for Southeast Asia, India, Hong Kong, and Taiwan said, “Women Hosts are playing an increasingly pivotal role in the travel and tourism sector, and especially in Malaysia. This International Women’s Month, we celebrate the incredible women hosts on our platform, and their entrepreneurial spirit and lifelong passion. We are committed to ensuring that every woman is recognised, and to provide opportunities for more to have a share in the benefits of tourism.”

As costs of living continue to rise, women are turning to welcoming travellers in their homes to earn supplemental income, and sharing their hospitality and culture with others. Three inspiring women Airbnb Hosts – Sally Hisham, Marina Mazlan, and Jian Lin share how they are making their mark in the hospitality industry, and inspiring fellow women to pursue their passions.

A dreamy seaside sanctuary in Kuala Dungun

For 46-year-old, Sally Hisham, who co-hosts Tamu Beradu Private Villa in Terengganu with her family, hosting taps into her passion for hospitality and helps generate passive income.

“As we had a vacant holiday villa nestled along the beachfront, we wanted to share our beautiful home with travellers and let them experience living like a local. Hosting has also provided us with income and the opportunity to connect with travellers around the world.”

Sally believes in creating a unique stay that enable guests to experience travel in a more authentic, connected way, “Our goal is to provide a truly authentic and memorable experience for our guests. When conceptualizing the design of our stay, we incorporated design elements of a traditional Terengganu home to offer our guests a taste of local culture.”

A Kampung-life retreat in Langkawi

Marina Mazlan, 50, moved to Langkawi and began hosting Damai Bayu – A Cozy Langkawi Farmer’s Cottage, a traditional Malay cottage that she and her husband built from scratch as their retirement home.

She shared, “We started with a small budget and built two cottages from scratch for the

Marina Mazlan and her husband

family. As our children left the nest, we started renting out the extra rooms in the house on Airbnb, which eventually grew into a home-sharing business comprising six cottages after 10 years.”

When asked about what tips she would provide budding women Hosts, Marina shared, “Always welcome guests with open arms and ensure that they have an unforgettable experience at your place by introducing them to local places to eat, or even bringing them for a visit to your herb and fruit garden.”

A breathtaking villa tucked away in the lush green hills of Kuala Kubu Baru

Airbnb Host, Jian Lin

Jian Lin, a medical sales representative who hosts her family’s retreat home, Hillside Batu Retreat in Selangor discovered Airbnb during her travels overseas and was amazed at how hosted travel creates a truly unique experience for guests.

“My family loved our experience with Airbnb in Japan, and I felt that it would be a great idea to bring the concept of hosted travel back to my homeland, Malaysia. I was inspired by the compelling architecture and interior design of stays around the world to redesign my family home into an Airbnb retreat with an open space concept.”

Jian Lin enjoys getting-to-know travellers from different countries and shared, “The rule of thumb of being a great Host is to treat guests as if they were your friends. Add a personal touch to your space to elevate their travel experience!”


*Based on Airbnb’ internal data as of 31 Dec 2022

**Refers to Hosts who held Superhosts status and identified themselves as women as of September 30, 2022