Up Your Fibre and Protein Intake in Many Delicious Ways with Ayam Brand Baked Beans

Are you stumped for something healthy, tasty, and relatively quick and easy to whip up for breakfast, lunch, snack time or dinner? Reach for Ayam Brand Baked Beans that are high in fibre and protein, and low in fat too

Ayam Brand Kacang Pool With Buttered Toast

Legumes such as beans are a very good source of dietary fibre[1], and plant-based protein. Ayam Brand Baked Beans are ready to eat straight from the can, making them a convenient and tasty source of dietary fibre, and plant-based protein.

Baked beans can help stave off hunger longer by filing you up, and moderating blood sugar levels[2], giving you a steady supply of energy throughout the day to thereby reducing cravings for sugary treats.

The lycopene in the tomato sauce is an antioxidant that helps protect against prostate, lung and stomach cancer[3]. Baked beans also contain minerals like magnesium, selenium, copper, which are potent antioxidants that protect our cells from free radical attack.

Go meatless at least once a week and replace it with baked beans or other plant proteins to increase your nutrient intake while helping to cut down carbon emissions.

Breakfast: Kacang Pool with Buttered Toast

Up your breakfast game with Kacang Pool, a Johor delicacy. The traditional method of preparation is time-consuming as it involves soaking and boiling the beans. Use Ayam Brand Baked Beans and your kacang pool can be ready in 15 minutes or less.


  1. Mash the baked beans and tomato sauce with the back of a fork aiming for a chunky texture.
  2. In a pan, heat up some ghee and add one diced red onion, and minced meat or chicken stirring until fragrant.
  3. Top with cili padi and curry powder before adding the mashed baked beans and mixing well.
  4. Finally, serve the dish with a sunny-side up egg, half a lime and a sprinkling of cili padi. Dip your buttered toast into this hearty gravy and enjoy!


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