UMLand Seri Alam Continues with its CSR to Help the Needy


As the year came to a close, UMLand Seri Alam continued its CSR efforts through a contribution to Pertubuhan Fitrah Qaseh. The home provides shelter to children who are victims of abuse and are of homeless status.

During the donation handover ceremony, the home received essential electrical appliances such as a rice cooker and a washing machine at Bandar Seri Alam in hope that it would ease them to go about their day-to-day needs.

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“We heard of their plea for assistance after their home in Pekan Nenas was robbed and many items belonging to the centre such as furniture, beds, mattresses and electric goods were stolen. Therefore, as a caring corporate entity, we have decided to lend a helping hand. We hope the contribution we made will lessen their burden and assist in the daily operation of their centre,” said KK Wong, Group Director of Townships of UMLand.

The contribution of the electrical items was handed over by KK Wong to Muhamad Fitri bin Abdul Rashad, co-founder of Pertubuhan Fitrah Qaseh. The shelter is currently operating two centres located in Larkin and Pekan Nenas respectively, where they have 48 underprivileged children aged 3 to 20 under their care.

Muhamad Fitri was grateful to UMLand Seri Alam’s aid  to their situation. “We are very fortunate to have generous partner like UMLand Seri Alam who support our cause. Our centres need all the help we can get so these children can lead a normal life just like other children. Together with other donors, the contribution received will undoubtedly help us in achieving our objective,” said Fitri.

Attending the handing over ceremony was the management team of UMLand Seri Alam and 15 children from Pertubuhan Fitrah Qaseh’s home.