The Truly Johor’s Food Bank: Gobok Rakyat Helps the Society for Necessities

An initiative under Ihsan Johor 3.0 Economic Stimulus Package (PRE) which ensures no one is left in hunger

(Left) Muhammad Mustakim Sadeli, 30, and Kamarudin Jumaat, 37, interviewed after receiving food and necessities through the Gobok Rakyat Johor programme at the Jelutong Sub -District Head Office, Gelang Patah, Johor

Residents in Gelang Patah, Johor described the Gobok Rakyat Johor food bank programme as a good initiative in helping people who lost their food supply during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period.

One of the recipients, Kamarudin Jumaat, 37, said the initiative is helping people with financial problems during the MCO period like him.

“I work as a taxi driver in Gelang Patah. Since the pandemic hit, the number of customers has decreased and has affected my income working alone to support my family. I am grateful to the Johor state government, especially the Menteri Besar of Johor, Datuk Ir. Haji Hasni Mohammad as the programme has helped cover their daily necessities”.

Earlier, Hasni had visited the Gobok Rakyat Johor programme under the Ihsan Johor 3.0 Economic Stimulus Package (PRE) located at the Jelutong Sub -District Head Office, Gelang Patah on 11th July.

According to their respective districts, the programme allows the public to take food or necessities at the Gobok Rakyat Johor centres.

Another recipient, Muhammad Mustakim Sadeli, 30, also admitted that the COVID-19 pandemic affected the entire nation, especially the low-income group.

“Many were affected during this MCO period. The Gobok Rakyat Johor programme is a very good initiative and should be continued in the future until the economic situation recovers,” he said.