The ‘Big Bad Comeback’ Online Sales Targets 1 Million Books to Recover

Last few days remaining: An open invitation for leading Corporations and the Public to help rebuild and serve the community as one

Andrew Yap, Founder of Big Bad Wolf Books presenting books to Cikgu Hidayah with the children from Tabika Perpaduan Taman Alam Indah

The recent floods which severely impacted certain parts of the country affected many lives, resulting in a loss of livelihood for many. Big Bad Wolf Books’ (BBWB) warehouse, located in Taman Alam Indah, Shah Alam was also not spared from the devastation that resulted from the floods.

The 200,000 square foot warehouse which stores more than 20 million books suffered an estimated loss of between RM40 to RM50 million in damages. Despite the damages of millions of books, Big Bad Wolf Books has announced that it aims to give back to the community, especially to those affected by the floods through its long-term community outreach programme. BBWB has made an implicit commitment to donate books to 2,000 deserving communities, ranging from kindergartens to school libraries, underprivileged families and orphanages to neighbourhood community centres and low-cost flats’ residents and importantly, to anyone who requires books to build a library, nationwide.

Big Bad Wolf Books representative presenting books to families affected by the flood at Bukit Lanchong

BBWB aims to embark on this journey to not only recover and rebuild its business but to also help communities recover and rise again. This community outreach programme aims to achieve its goal with the cooperation and assistance of like-minded individuals and partnering with various organisations that are keen to make a difference in people’s lives while empowering them. In keeping with its mission, BBWB is inviting members of the public, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs), charity homes, as well as business, education and the corporate sectors to participate as collaborative partners by either purchasing books to set up an entire library or by taking the initiative to buy books that will go towards a collective pool.

In a conscious effort to ‘kick start’ this initiative, BBWB, earlier this week contributed hundreds of books to families who were affected by the floods at Kampung Bukit Lanchong and Tabika Perpaduan Taman Alam Indah kindergarten’s library. As a special gesture, each child at the kindergarten was also given a puzzle set to take home. Several hundred books were also presented to Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK), Taman Sri Muda which was severely hit by the floods. In addition, books were also donated to students living in Taman Subang Mewah, as part of Subang MP, Michelle Ng’ back-to-school programme.

Andrew Yap, Founder of Big Bad Wolf Books, said, “It was clearly a very traumatic incident and experience for us. We sincerely hope that Malaysians will support us achieve our 1 Million books target and come together as one to help deserving communities throughout the country have access to books.”

“Our mission has always been to empower and inspire Malaysians by making books accessible to all. We have focused on creating a new generation of readers and increasing English literacy, helping to improve their life chances. Each and every contribution will go towards this worthy cause. No donation is too small or too big. Therefore, we invite everyone to join us in donating to the community at large. If a company or an individual were to pledge RM3500, it will help tremendously in contributing a few hundred books to fill up a library and help people in immeasurable ways. Rest assured, we will do our best to accommodate appeals to rebuild and serve the community for a better tomorrow,” he added.

Michelle Ng, Subang State Assemblywoman with one of the families from Bukit Lanchong

To participate in BBWB’s nationwide community outreach programme, stay tuned to the launch of the Big Bad Comeback Online Book Sale, from the 14th to 23rd of January 2022. Social media users on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter are encouraged to share the “I’m Back! Bigger, Stronger, Badder” posting. For every aforementioned posting that is shared, Big Bad Wolf Books will donate books to a deserving community [one share = one book].

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