SORN Gets Candid on Fake Friendships with ‘Not A Friend’

Sorn talks about the people who left her when she was at her lowest


Sorn’s latest single, Not A Friend, is now available on all major streaming services. A surprise release, the record explores the complexity and volatility of modern friendships, a deep dive into the psyche of a starlet consumed with her own paranoia, unsure of who is truly on her side.

“To me, this song is about how complex modern friendships can be—and not just in the industry, but in general. I think it’s something everyone can at some level relate to. I’m just done with fake friends,” Sorn says.

Not A Friend is Sorn’s first release of 2023, in what is hoped to be a new era of her artistry. In addition, the official lyric video for the record also drops today.

Not A Friend features production by Grammy-nominated producer, Nick Lee, who was also behind the Billboard chart-topping song Industry Baby by Lil Nas X. The record also samples vocal basslines from Dharni, Singaporean beatbox pioneer and 2x world champion.