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Senai International Airport Upgrades Travelling Procedures

As more flights resume, new measures are in place

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Senai International Airport is all set with upgraded travelling procedures and new measures to ensure passengers’ health safety as airlines resume more domestic flights in stages for the upcoming weeks.

Amongst the additional measures and procedures include requiring all passengers and airport users to wear face mask and undergo body temperature screening at the airport entrance with only those temperature below 37.5ºC will be allowed to enter the building. To ensure the procedure implementation, the entry and exit to the terminal building is limited to the main entrance only and is controlled by the Aviation Security personnel.

Senai International Airport has also put in place measures for passengers to practice social distancing by placing 1-metre separation markings at the common areas including at the check-in counters, seating areas, boarding gates, elevators, baggage pick-up area and others. Meanwhile, hand sanitizers, soap and water are made available around the terminal area and washrooms to encourage good personal hygiene amongst the airport users.

“Apart from continuous disinfecting and sanitizing of high usage areas, the airport has recently undergone a full-scale disinfection exercise in cooperation with Johor State Fire and Rescue Department to protect our airport users,” said Md Derick Basir, Chief Executive Officer of Senai Airport.

With the new travelling procedures implemented, passengers are advised to arrive at the airport 90 minutes before departure time to avoid long queue. Passengers are also encouraged to use online check-in to save time and ensure smooth travel.

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