‘Semarak Rasa Ramadan’ at Impiana Hotel Senai


Wondering where else to break your fast? Head over to Senai and enjoy 300 dishes served daily only for you during the fasting month

Impiana Hotel Senai is ready to celebrate the fasting month with their feast of ‘Semarak Rasa Ramadan’ at its The Tiffin outlet with more than 300 dishes served daily starting from 6th May until 4th June 2019.

As you enter The Tiffin, you will smell the aromatic Soup Gearbox but hold your horses because after a day-long of fasting, you should first break it with dates and fruit salad. Then, fill up your tummy with the delicious Nasi Arab and Lamb Shank. If you are a seafood lover, try out their Chilli Crabs and scoop up its gravy with Mantao buns.

‘Semarak Rasa Ramadan’ at Impiana Hotel Senai
The signature dishes: Udang Galah Masak Lemak

Asam Pedas Impiana, Ayam Pasu, and Udang Galah Masak Lemak are among the 6 rotating menus that will leave diners with satisfaction. You could also have satay, Harissa potatoes and did I say that you can enjoy Lamb Kuzi at the live cooking action station?!

‘Semarak Rasa Ramadan’ at Impiana Hotel Senai
Lamb Kuzi at the live cooking action station

Since it is the durian season, Impiana Hotel Senai has lots of durian-based desserts to offer including home-made Durian Crepe, Durian Goreng and Durian Mochi. Before you leave, you should get a bowl and fill it up with Cendol Durian as much as you want.

‘Semarak Rasa Ramadan’ at Impiana Hotel Senai
Home-made durian crepe for durian lovers
‘Semarak Rasa Ramadan’ at Impiana Hotel Senai
Cendol durian after a day-long of fasting

There are also various cakes and Malay traditional kuihs served for a sweet ending, and cool down your throats with the free-flow of ice cream.

If you are thinking of bringing along your friends, Impiana Hotel Senai also offers group package (Buy 9 Free 1) for adult price and meanwhile you can pay 6 adults and get 2 children eat for free under their Family Package offer.

‘Semarak Rasa Ramadan’ at Impiana Hotel Senai
Enjoy Soup Gearbox all night

Book now at only RM98 per adult and RM48 per child. Please note that after 6th May the normal price will be RM118 (adult) and RM58 (child). For further enquiries kindly contact the hotel at +6010-8254001/+607-5952003 or email fnb1.ihs@impiana.com