Scrumptious Offerings at Caprilicious’s BBQ Night


Indulge in your favourite grilled food in a 4-star ambience

Craving for BBQ treats with your loved ones, friends or even co-workers but don’t have much time to prepare for it? You are in luck as Capri by Fraser is offering a BBQ Night buffet EVERY Saturdays at their Caprilicious restaurant at level 1, located near their infinity pool.

Be delighted as you’re greeted by the aromas of familiar grilled meats and whole lamb roasted live in front of your eyes to feast on just right outside the restaurant where an array of other meats are offered as well. Step into the luxe of the dining hall with just enough lighting for the comfort of your eyes, and be rest assured of the hospitality provided by the staff around you as you take your seats. Alternatively, you could book for a big group and they would arrange private seating for you and your guests.

Enjoy your BBQ at the comfort of luxury

Start your meal with appetizers and cold-cuts on a platter reserved indoors as well as some assorted cheese, salads and fruits. Then get your palates going with a small bowl of Szechuan’s soup before heading to the main station to pick up some satay, chicken kebab, grilled lamb and even some boneless ikan bakar wrapped in banana leaves for your BBQ fix.

Green mussels that you could eat by its own or ask for it to be grilled

When you’re ready for more, fill up your plate with Naan and side dishes or have Prawn butter rice and some noodles. With all that heat forming inside your tummy, conclude with desserts and cakes and definitely Ais Kacang to cool you off.

Cold cut platter to complement and balance your hot food intake

Caprilicious BBQ Night is priced at RM98++ per person and kids are priced at half rate (RM49) ages 6 to 12 years old, while senior citizens of 60 years old and above are discounted down to 30% off. Also, for every 3 full paying adults, 1 diner eats for free.

The BBQ Night is held every Saturday, from 6.30pm to 10.00pm. For more information and bookings, do give a call at +607 277 0888 or email Capri by Fraser at