Regency Specialist Hospital Inaugural Nursing Seminar


Committing into professional development and focusing on competence, compassion and collaboration

Regency Specialist Hospital (Regency) and Mahkota Medical Centre had jointly organised a Nursing Seminar 2019 with the theme “Hands That Treat, Hearts That Heal” with an attendance of about 200 nurses, in conjunction with International Nurses’ Day.

The seminar was based on Regency’s strong focus and dedication on nursing passion and care as it stood as one of the leading hospitals that commits to providing high quality healthcare to the local community and the regional countries.

10 local and regional speakers whom are pioneers and experts in their respective fields had shared their wisdom and best practices.

Lock Lih Ping of HMI Institute of Health Sciences Singapore, giving a talk about Harnessing Technology in Nursing Education

Remarking on the nursing seminar, Serena Yong, Chief Executive Officer of Regency Specialist Hospital said, “As a growing comprehensive healthcare provider, Regency values manpower development in the industry. Nurses play a vital role in the sustainability of a hospital as they connect all people from patients, patients’ families, doctors and other hospital staff together in administering care for the best possible outcome. They support both the emotional and physical needs of the patient.”

CEO of Mahkota Medical Centre, Stanley Lam giving his closing speech

“Being a responsible organisation, we believe that sharing of knowledge and experiences can further propel the industry forward for the benefits of patients in the nation. It is our hope that this seminar has equipped all of you with new knowledge to stay ahead of the game,” said Stanley Lam, CEO, Mahkota Medical Centre at the closing speech.

The seminar had received great response and both organising hospitals will likely to have more of such seminars in the future.