PTP Inks Agreement with SOCSO on Disability Management through the Return to Work and Back Injury Protection and Rehabilitation Programme


Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas Sdn Bhd (PTP), a member of MMC Group has successfully sealed an agreement with the Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) on disability management through the Return To Work (RTW) and Back Injury Protection and Rehabilitation programme.

The agreement was sealed as part of PTP-SOCSO’s RTW and Back Injury Protection and Rehabilitation programme designed to help insured employees suffering from work- related injury or invalidity to be rehabilitated as soon as possible in order for them to return to work.

The RTW and Back Injury Protection and Rehabilitation programme takes a proactive approach in helping the insured person with injuries or diseases, providing the opportunity to resume safe working activities as soon as is medically possible.

Speaking after the signing event, SOCSO’s Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Sri Dr. Mohammed Azman bin Dato’ Aziz Mohammed said the RTW programme was first introduced in 2007. Since the RTW Programme started, a total of 23,295 workers have been successfully rehabilitated and were able to go back to work. In fact, the RTW Programme has been recognised as an International Best Practice and is a good example of what SOCSO does to provide a better outreach and social protection to all workers as well as put into practise the concept of disability management among employers.

Aerial view of PTP

“The RTW Programme is a comprehensive systematic disability case management programme which provides opportunity for workers to resume employment and reintegrated back into the society. As such, we are very pleased that leading corporate organisation such as PTP is keen to work with us and provide designated rehabilitation space as well as various other forms of assistance for the collaboration on the Disability Management between SOCSO and PTP through this Programme. This will bring positive impact to PTP employees as well as being a catalyst for other organisations to take the same path in making Disability Management a cultural practice and part of human resources,” he added.

PTP Chief Executive Officer, Marco Neelsen in his statement remarked that PTP is committed to fulfill its obligations as a caring employer. “In PTP, we actively promote occupational safety policies, conduct safety and health campaigns to reduce accidents as well as implement employees’ wellness programme to prevent mishaps to our workers and contractors.”

“As such, we are pleased to collaborate with SOCSO and hope that through the good relationship established between both organisations, we can continue to intensify our efforts in empowering social security protection, not only for our employees but also the Malaysian society in general,” he added.