No More Foreign-Manned Stalls at Johor PBT Wet Market and Business Premises

Local Councils are committed to prioritise locally manned business in premises within their jurisdiction

Johor PBT Wet Market

The Johor State Government through the State Housing and Local Government Committee chairman, Ayub Jamil’s press statement dated 5th June 2020 has announced the local councils (PBT) of Johor are ensuring no foreign-owned stalls and workers to be allowed in any markets and premises under the state’s jurisdiction to help aid and prioritise locals businesses that are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Business licenses and permits issued by PBT in Johor can no longer be issued to non-citizens. All the state’s 16 PBTs are tasked to check the status of each current running business in all PBT’s premises and wet market in accordance with the hawkers’ bylaws of Johor.

Stern actions await local business owners that have solicited in renting premises, extending their business license or permits to foreign citizens, and they risk their license being suspended and the revocation of their business premises ownership. This would also apply to locals that are legally married to foreign citizens; whereby the spouse with the foreign citizenship is not allowed to own or run any businesses under PBT.

The state government sees the situation of restricting the hiring of foreign labours as a solution to overcome the nation’s economic drainage. Much aggressive and extensive measure was taken to curb any reasoning by illegal foreign workers that avoided accountability of their employment at the PBT premise. This would also help detect and prosecute any individuals that are running illegal workers schemes.

The public are welcome to tip off any information to the authorities on any sightings of foreign workers owning or working under PBT’s premises.