“No Help is Ever too Little or Small” – Care United Johor Bahru

The NGO that actively organises food aid around Johor Bahru laid out concerns as the nation’s MCO prolongs

Care United
Care United Johor Bahru during one of its food aid activity in 2020

Last Friday, Care United tried to figure out how to increase the number of eggs distribution to the needy. “A tray of 30 eggs, how do we distribute it to more families?” Care United hadn’t any option but to distribute that tray of 30 eggs to one family. 

“As the number of hungry Malaysians increases every week, we were trying to optimise each tray. As the number of hungry Malaysians increases, so does the price of eggs. The cost of eggs rose from RM8.50 a month ago to RM12.00 last week,” says Datuk Florence Goh, President of Care United Johor Bahru.

“Many essential food items saw an increase in prices. As the president of Care United, I fear that the funds we have are depleting rapidly. Care United appreciates all the kind and generous donations from our supporters from far and near,” continued Florence.  

Care United needs your help. The reality of the situation is that poverty is sharply increasing, and unemployment is at an all-time high. The majority of the needy are suffering as their jobs were lost during the MCO periods. Many do not want hand-outs; instead would prefer to work and earn a living. A wage will provide the basic food necessities for a family and other essentials such as sanitary pads and diapers are also needed for children and women. These are the real worries of many Malaysians. They are not thinking about next year or next month but wondering how they will survive tomorrow. 

Unfortunately, the problems of the people have been overshadowed by the political instability in the country. Therefore, now more than ever, we as people must help one another. We should strive for peace and security for the people. Please lend a helping hand when is needed – no help is ever too little or small. 

As an NGO, we are worried. Care United does not know what will happen when we run out of funds. Care United is helping more than 1,000 families a week, and thousands of people all over the country are dependent on food banks like ours. We need you now. We need you to help an infant with no milk. We need you to donate anything for families with no food, and we need you to care. 

Let’s put aside politics, race, religion and gender and remind ourselves that we are all humans and we all have a heart. It is already tough to go through a pandemic, and let’s focus on what the people need – food, jobs and care. The people in need are suffering as they are not in a position to help themselves. 

Long story short, we need each other. We need love, care and hope. Hope for a better  tomorrow as COVID-19 has taught us, we need to be selfless and humble as this disease doesn’t  discriminate between the rich or poor, no matter your religion or race. We can help make lives easier for one another. We can create a better, more harmonious society for our loved ones and the future generation. We need to start now. 

To lend a helping hand, please donate to: 

Pertubuhan Bersepadu Johor 

RHB account: 201222 0039852 

(Pertubuhan Bersepadu Johor Bahru Johor is the Official name of Care United Johor Bahru)