Meet Atome Kittens on ‘Get It Week’

The world’s first all-feline super group shows you some ameowzing deals with Atome

Atome Kittens promoting ‘Get It Week’ with their debut single ‘Let’s Get It, Get It’

Meet Atome Kittens, the first-ever supergroup made of felines called Sassy, Zesty and Savvy through TikTok under the #AtomeKittens challenge, and #GetItToWin game on Instagram! With exciting prizes up for grabs from June 11th to 20th, known as Atome’s Get It Week featuring “ameowzing” deals from brands like ZALORA, ALDO and SASA.

In an exclusive virtual press conference, we got to be up close and personal with the felines and learned about the stardom process with Atome.

Meet Atome Kittens on ‘Get It Week’
Meet the members, Sassy, Savvy and Zesty

Atome is a leading buy-now-pay-later platform in Asia, partnering with online retailers to increase conversions and grow average orders and customer segments. It currently partners with over 3,000 online retailers in nine markets.

Breaking out from the online shopping norm, April Lee, the Creative Director of Atome was on a mission to find turning-heads and attention-sustaining factor. Since the internet love cats more than anything else, thus born the “catfluencers”; Atome Kittens with their debut single which has proven a winning formula by garnering 20 billion views under #AtomeKittens in Indonesia’s TikTok alone.

Watch Atome Kittens Debut Single “Let’s Get It, Get It” –  (

Trasy Lou Walsh, General Manager of Atome in Malaysia and Singapore says that Atome users are mostly under 35 years old and from the feline’s debut, she wishes to see the 6 months young payment platform in Malaysia gain more traction as it offers its merchants financially reliable users. They are seeing Malaysians purchasing affordable luxuries even more during the lockdown period and with Atome, they helped purchasers in Malaysia to stretch their ringgits to make the luxuries more affordable.

When asked how is Atome different from other platforms, Trasy said they are now a leading buy-now-pay-later company which was proven by having over 60 retail partners like Zalora, Sephora, SASA and so forth worldwide as well as offering affordability to users while also providing risk system for merchants alike.