MBJB Hunts Down Those with Tax Arrears


Johor Bahru City Council (MBJB) and the local authorities have realised the repetitive issue with property tax arrears that keeps on increasing every year despite their efforts in creating awareness through major mass media, social media sites, physical reminder notice and various campaigns held. Seeing it did little to no changes, the council took a notch up on the solution.

A more stricter and effective action would be by seizing the particular trade holding/property with tax arrears till date. The seizure first began from 16th July 2019 till 18th of July 2019 followed by a second series from 22nd July to 24 July 2019; led by the MBJB Assessment Department and supported by the Enforcement Department, Legal Division and 20 MBJB Auxiliary Police.

The action taken by MBJB is in accordance with the regulations under Section 148 (1) Act 171 Local Government Act 1976 whereby if a premises owner is in arrears of his rate (tax/assessment) due to the local authority, the local authority may issue a warrant of attachment and may seize by virtue thereof any movable property belonging to the owner or occupier of the property.

Various methods to pay your property tax

The operation on 16th July involved 5 holdings with accumulated RM43,173.160 worth of tax arrears. Up to 31st December 2018, 87,000 holdings owed around RM120 million of MBJB property tax arrears. In 2019, the target to collect the property tax arrears is RM30 million, of which RM25.2 million from 26,000 holdings have been recovered till June 2019, leaving 61,000 more holdings to pay its due taxes. In terms of percentage, 65% of the tax arrears came from the trade and industrial holdings, 27% from residential holdings, while others were from the low-cost housing, agricultural land, Malay Reserve housing and et cetera.

MBJB will carry out the same action from time to time, as a continued reminder to the public that it is important to pay your property taxes promptly at the designated time.

Several payment options include paying through MBJB counters and in kiosks provided at the MBJB Main Building, One Stop Centre (OSC) and JOTIC Building.  Taxes could also be paid online through the JomPay portal and the Biller Code for MBJB tax is 4317. On top of that, there are also Johor Online Payment portal, e-Khidmat portal and the easiest of them all would be your preferred online banking services available in all banks except HSBC and Citibank.For more enquiries on tax arrears, contact MBJB Property Tax Arrears Unit at 07-2239962.