Malaysia’s first Health Passport, “Immunitee”, formally accepted in Singapore

The 5 essential things to know about this health passport

Datuk Dr Nick Boden
Datuk Dr Nick Boden of Immunitee - image courtesy of V Wellness website

Malaysia’s Immunitee Health Passport has partnered with Affinidi, a Temasek firm, to become the country’s first health passport to be approved in Singapore, using Affinidi’s Unifier digital credential platform.

What is Immunitee Health Passport?

The Immunitee Health Passport is a system that stores personal immunisation records and vaccine details, making it easier for users to clear border health checkpoints, ensuring data protection and privacy via blockchain, and verifying the validity of COVID-19 tests and vaccines.

In a statement dated 10th February, Immunitee said that the Unifier platform offers interoperability which allows safe data sharing with national health check systems being introduced around the world.

“Such digitally verifiable health credentials are designed to give travellers a friendly and hassle-free experience while travelling during the pandemic and will be easily checked at Singapore airport once the borders are reopened,” the statement said.

Ahead of Future Travelling Norms

Datuk Dr Nick Boden, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, said that travelling in a COVID-19 world would require travellers to show evidence of COVID-19 testing as well as their vaccination background.

He said, “Immunitee can be easily implemented and offers a single Vaccine Registry Management System that unifies private and public healthcare systems while preserving sensitive patients’ information.”

According to Boden, government agencies and other entities, such as national healthcare systems, immigration systems, hotels, colleges, and schools, could only access information by scanning a protected QR code that included all relevant testing and vaccination information and could only be opened using the user’s private “key.”

What about Data Safety?

Dr Boden said that the authorities and other agencies do not have access to any sensitive information and that there is no monitoring of where people are.

“Vaccines are being produced at a breakneck pace and sold to governments and private companies.

“To ensure proper traceability and validity, it is vital to ensure that the cold chain and vaccine management systems are in place,” he said.

A Tool for Vaccines’ Authenticity Check

Immunitee, according to Boden, partnered with reputable laboratories to automatically store users’ test results and incorporate a reliable vaccine monitoring and tracing software to ensure that vaccines are authentic and stored at the correct temperature.

“This is achieved via the Immunitee app, where the vaccine is scanned by the patient before being administered.

He clarified that only vaccines that have been documented and monitored on the Immunitee system can be given out.

The Key to Opening up Travel Bubbles

Immunitee, which is scheduled to launch in March this year, will be offered as an open-source framework at no cost to governments and organisations around the world, and users will be able to download the software for free.

“This will allow travel bubbles to open, obviating the need for quarantine since details will be checked electronically in the blockchain,” Immunitee clarified.

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