Major Update to Yu-Gi-Oh!

MASTER DUEL Introduces Casual Matches, Duelist Cup, New content and more

Duelist Cup

Konami Digital Entertainment Limited (KONAMI) has announced that a content-packed new update has arrived for its digital card game Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL. The update is available now and includes a new Solo Mode Gate and Selection Pack, as well as a new PvP multiplayer event and a host of other additions and changes. The highly anticipated Casual Match Mode was also added to the game on 5th August as part of this month’s update.

The Duelist Cup is a new two-stage multiplayer event available now, featuring tons of rewards for grabs. In the first stage, players can win Duels to raise their level (DLv.) and unlock rewards. Once they reach the highest level, they’ll qualify for the second stage, which will start on the 18th of August. In the second stage, players can win Duels to earn points (DP) and raise their standing position in the Duelist Cup.

When the event concluded on the 21st of August, players were able to earn rewards based on their final positions. The player with the highest DP will be the champion of the Duelist Cup.

The new Casual Match Mode lets Duelists duke it out with players across the world without it affecting their in-game rank and player level. Whether you’re looking to test a new strategy, Duel without the pressure of ranking on the line, or just encounter all kinds of Duelists, Casual Matches offer a fresh alternative to Ranked Matches.