Laughing All the Way to the Top of the World

A Malaysian made it to the top five of First World Laughing Championship

Peremalatha Sundram
Peremalatha Sundram, Occupational Therapist at Hospital Sultanah Aminah, Johor Bahru and a cancer survivor is a proven proverb of laughter is the best medicine

Malaysian laughing champion, Peremalatha Sundram, 54, came in fourth place in the recently concluded, inaugural World Laughing Championship on 14th March 2021.

Held online,the First World Laughing Championship 2021 was organised by Albert Nerenberg from Canada to find the best in sharing joy through laughter among 15 contenders from different countries like Canada, Iran, Russia, Uruguay, Australia, Cyprus, USA, Slovenia, Hong Kong, South Africa, Alaska, Germany, Malaysia, Alaska and India. The first place in the championship, Dmitriy Efimov from Russia received the Golden Chalice of Mirth.

The Zoom
The Zoom session during the championship

Peremalatha, an Occupational Therapist at Johor Bahru’s Hospital Sultanah Aminah, who had recently recovered from cancer, revealed that laughter yoga had lifted her life. “Laughter boosted my mood, got me away from stress and made me feel normal,” said Peremalatha. She told the audience to believe in laughter as it helped her in her recovery from cancer.

Laughter Yoga is a form of yoga that combines laughter with yogic breathing. It’s been shown to help with stress and improve life satisfaction. Research shows that it can help to heal from stress. For more information on laughter yoga, head on to Laughter Yoga Malaysia-Johor Bahru Happy and Joyous Club Facebook page.

First World Laughing Championship
First World Laughing Championship fifteen contenders from different parts of the world