Join Mega Laughter Malaysia with Happy and Joyous Club JB

The organiser hopes to gather laughter practitioners, increase public awareness of the benefits of laughter yoga and celebrate Hari Merdeka

Mega Laughter Zoom event on National Independence Day 2022 promotional poster

The Happy and Joyous Club JB is organising a “Haha Merdeka Malaysia”, a virtual laughter yoga event on the 31st of August in conjunction with Malaysia’s 65th National Day.

With an expectation of 500 local and international participants, the “Haha Merdeka” hopes to gather laughter practitioners, increase public awareness of the benefits of laughter yoga and celebrate National Day.

The organising chairperson, Fiona Lee Lai Woon, said this event would provide an opportunity to celebrate Independence differently.

“Laughter is the best medicine and allows us to celebrate independence differently and more meaningfully.

“We hope this event will raise awareness on what laughter yoga is, especially for those in Malaysia,” she said during an online press conference.

The world-renowned laughter guru and the founder of Laughter Yoga Club Dr Madan Kataria will deliver the keynote address at the event.

During the press conference, Dr Kataria took the opportunity to congratulate the Malaysian Haha Laughter yoga team.

“Laughter yoga is the most practical way to deliver the benefits of laughter.

“Laughter in real life does not guarantee the amount you laugh. So to get the benefit, we need to laugh longer and more heartily. We must also breathe along with it, and events like this can help Malaysians get involved and reap the benefits of laughter Yoga,” he said during the conference.

The state assemblyperson for Bandar Utama, Jamaliah Jamaluddin, is expected to attend the event.

“Haha Merdeka” assistant programme director Bachan Singh said that the programme is timely as laughter can bring unity among the Malaysians.

“We don’t have Malay laughter, Chinese or Indian laughter. When we laugh, we laugh together in harmony. So we are doing our part.

The ninety minutes free event themed Keluarga Malaysia Teguh Bersama, starts at 2.00 pm. Participants are encouraged to wear traditional attire.

Participants can expect six dynamic international and local professional laughter yoga teachers for the activity:

  • Bachan Singh (Malaysia) – “Laughter Yoga and Unity”
  • Merv Neal (Australia) – “The Business of Laughter”
  • Vivian Choi (Malaysia) – “Laughter Yoga Testimony”
  • Tove Kane (UK) – “Laughter Yoga Testimony”
  • Taramaraja (Malaysia) – “Celebration Laughter”
  • Vinayak Shastri (India) – “Brain Gym Laughter”

Laughter yoga, a combination of Yogic Breathing and Laughter Exercises, was started by Dr Madan Kataria, a medical doctor by profession, together with his wife in 1995 at a park in Mumbai with only five people.

It has spread to more than 110 countries, with thousands of Laughter Clubs mushrooming worldwide.

The many benefits of laughter yoga include elevating our moods, strengthening our immune system, and being an excellent social connecting platform.

Interested parties may join the gathering through this Zoom link with password: 12345

Contact Fiona at 013-8188313 or Jeanna at 012-3332288 for any inquiries, and more information may be found on Happy and Joyous Club JB’s Facebook page.