How Ready is Johor for Employment Post-COVID-19?

3 initiatives implemented by the state government for Johor employees to be aware of

Johor Menteri Besar, Haji Hasni Mohammad holding the TVET Johor Handbook during its launch by The Johor Human Capital Strategic Unit (SMI)

The Johor Human Capital Strategic Unit (SMI) has implemented two post-COVID-19 initiatives to help those affected by the effects of the pandemic, namely ‘Program Insan Johor’ (Johor Human Programme) and the Johor Upskilling and Reskilling Programme to the people of Johor.

Datuk Ir. Haji Hasni Mohammad, Menteri Besar of Johor officiated the Initiative Presentation Ceremony of the Johor Human Capital Strategic Unit and the Launch of TVET Johor Handbook.

“The effort of Human Capital Strategic Unit’s steps in organising the Johor Human Initiative and the Johor Upskilling and Reskilling Programme are most welcome. It is very much in line with the current time and context. I think this programme can be a catalyst for efforts to build Johor human capital development towards a more holistic one post-COVID-19 pandemic,” said Hasni.

The Johor People Programe is an initiative in the form of equipment assistance for the target group to participate or boost economic activity and currently it offers five assistance packages, namely Sewing, Automotive, Agro, Men’s Haircut, as well as Food and Beverage Package.

A total of 400 B40 and M40 entrepreneurs have been selected to receive assistance allocated this time involving the group affected following COVID-19 transmission.

The Johor Upskilling & Reskilling is another comprehensive measure to help those who have been laid off and unemployed graduates. This programme aims to increase opportunities and job placements to Johoreans under the sponsorship of the state government.

TVET Johor Tour Series (TVET Johor Handbook) will be continued in the coming years with an injection of funds from the state government to strengthen TVET education.  Employees with TVET qualifications are said to be able to earn 36% to 92% more wages in the construction, oil and gas and hospitality industry.

Hasni also said that Johor has the advantage of a cross border economy ecosystem where skilled workforce from Johor could be paid higher citing ports in Singapore went to vocational centres in Johor to find talents.