IMSHA Winners Band Together to #SaveEnvironment with Lotus Malaysia

350kg of fresh produce worth RM800 from 5 Lotus hypermarkets was salvaged from waste through the programme by Ihsan Johor and Yayasan Kebajikan Suria JB

Ihsan Johor, Yayasan Kebajikan Suria JB, Lotus hypermarket employees, villages’ committee members and 23 orphans taking a commemorative photo at RMZ Petting Land for their #SaveEnvironment programme

Iskandar Malaysia Social Heroes Awards (IMSHA) winners, Ihsan Johor and Yayasan Kebajikan Suria JB have banded together in a joint project with Lotus Malaysia hypermarket and Gunung Lambak Eco Resort’s RMZ Petting Land to #SaveEnvironment by saving food waste from filling up the landfill.

Through this collaboration and initiative, approximately 600 kg of stock per month of vegetables and fruits are utilised as food for the exotic animals in the zoo from being wasted which also helps Lotus hypermarket to manage their greenhouse management better.

Children enjoy getting close to nature by feeding the animals at RMZ Petting Land

On the day of the first shipping of food handover, 350 kg of vegetables worth RM800 from 5 branches of Lotus Johor Bahru have been donated to the Mini Zoo’s owner known as Razak.

Also present were Lotus staffs from the outlet and special guests of selected 23 orphans from Kampung Tengah, Kluang, Pontian and Johor Bahru to get in touch with nature at the zoo with activities in lieu of the National Day month’s celebration besides raising awareness about the need to save the environment.

One of the activities includes planting 8 coconut trees in the new Mini Zoo plot which is in the process of renovation and is estimated to be fully operational before the end of this year.

(second from left) Farrah Faridah Baptist, CEO of Ihsan Johor and James Philip Ho, founder of Yayasan Kebajikan Suria JB with Lotus hypermarket representative during the coconut planting at the new RMZ Petting Land’s plot

“In addition, in this effort, we have aimed until the end of this year to plant 100 trees in the state around the Johor district. For the record, since last June we have planted 12 saplings in Mersing, 4 in Johor Bahru, 20 in Kota Tinggi and most recently 8 in Kluang,” Ihsan Johor said while also adding that the NGO would go to Pontian, and Segamat next, as well as other areas.

Help Ihsan Johor and Yayasan Kebajikan JB to expand its project of reducing carbon emissions, interested parties and organisations may get in touch with Ihsan Johor through their Facebook page for any collaborations or donations via or Yayasan Kebajikan Suria at