Health Clinics Only Open for Appointments and Screenings

The public are advised to scan the QR code provided by the state health department to reschedule prior appointments

Health Clinics
QR codes readily shown on notice boards and online

Off late the social media has been constantly bombarded by COVID-19 news and other news either related to it directly or indirectly. However, certain viral or hot topics relating to current affairs have not been entirely true or false. The platforms of online news and social media posts have caused some confusion for people who are looking for solutions and answers to every day questions.

One query in particular was whether patients who have appointments at government health clinics are allowed to follow up on their scheduled appointments. The answer is straightforward as the standard operating procedures in regards to following up and rescheduling appointments were communicated and implemented by the government health clinics since 21st May by way of social media. The SOPs were even announced before the post.

Recently, there was some speculation regarding the situation at most health clinics whereby patients had to line up in a long and winding queue just to get into the health clinics. At some point, the bee-lines were said to be over pouring to the main roads especially on clinic days without any shelter that lead patients and the elderly.

The government health clinics assured the patients that this issue can be resolved very simply by scanning the QR code provided on the social media platforms, or on the state health department online portals, as well at the notice boards on site.

Health clinics typically cater to patients who have appointments with specific departments such as dental, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, outpatient department and so on. This SOP is also now extended to include patients who are looking to follow up or reschedule appointments with specialist departments. The health clinics are also open for COVID-19 screenings (separately).

“We have provided access to a number of QR codes on the many notice boards located around the health clinics as well as online. This is to shorten the waiting period by efficiently registering and rescheduling appointments prior to coming to the health clinic itself,” said Fahmi Sanusi, an Assistant Medical officer at the Mahmoodiah Health Clinic.