Happy Mother’s Day & Selamat Hari Raya

Some easy and comfort food recipes that can be made for your beloved mother on her special day or even for Hari Raya


Saba Pinwheel Pastry

 This Mother’s Day why not have your own café at home! Coupled with a cuppa Loco for Cacao, these pinwheels are not only easy to make but are a definite winner.


Start with a base of pre-made puff pastry and spread a mix of two cans of Ayam Brand Saba or Ayam Brand Tuna in Chili, corn, curry powder, cheese and coriander and roll up to form a log. Cut into 2cm wide slices, place on a tray lined with baking sheets, brush egg wash and bake until golden brown. Serve warm.

Prep time: 10 minutes Cooking Time: 20 minutes Serving: 12 pax

Kuih Tako (also known as Kuih Limas)

Coconut milk is a staple of Malaysian cuisine especially during festivals. For convenience, try using Ayam Brand’s coconut milk that are hygienically squeezed from selected ripe coconuts and sealed in convenient tetra packs using UHT technology.

Kuih Tako or Kuih Limas is similar to Kuih Tepung Pelita but usually has a sweet or crunchy surprise hidden inside that makes it a favourite with everyone. Here’s a simplified version from Ayam Brand that has sweet corn and water chestnuts as the secret filling for texture and fibre!


The first step is to make 30 pandan cases – this is a fun activity that children can help with. Next, prepare the base by combining green bean flour, sugar, salt and water. Cook on low heat until thickened, then turn off the heat. Add some water chestnuts in each pandan case, then pour in the base mixture and allow it to cool and set.

In another pot, make the topping by combining coconut milk, green bean flour and water until thickened. Adding the topping to the set base and decorate with a teaspoon of corn in each pandan case. Allow to set in the fridge – perfect for that Buka Puasa or Raya dessert.

For more quick and easy delicious recipes from Ayam Brand, browse through https://www.ayambrand.com.my/recipe/recipes-video.html. Happy exploring and cooking!