Grab’s First Food Trends Report in Malaysia Sees Food Delivery Demand to Continue to Rise

The inaugural report was launched as a tool to help businesses adapt to consumer’s trends. Find out what are the most popular food and peak order time

Grab introduces optional tools for businesses to help elevate their performance on the platform

Grab Malaysia has issued its Food Trends Report for 2020/2021, which gives F&B businesses a complete overview of the local food delivery scene intended to facilitate them to innovate and adapt to evolving consumer expectations in the new normal.

Food delivery popularity has accelerated as a result of the pandemic, and various studies have suggested that this trend will continue in Malaysia post-pandemic. In fact, the survey found that 87% of consumers would like to continue ordering from food delivery services, citing convenience as their top reason.

Grab’s First Food Trends Report in Malaysia Sees Food Delivery Demand to Continue to Rise
Tan Jiong Jian, Director, Commercial & Partnership of Grab Malaysia

Tan Jiong Jian, Director of Commercial & Partnership, Grab Malaysia shared, “2020 was a very challenging year for F&B businesses and we are grateful for the trust that they have placed in us. We hope that this Food Trends Report will equip F&B businesses with actionable insights about the food delivery industry, so that they can better leverage GrabMerchant tools to adapt to changing consumer behaviours and respond to new emerging trends. Grab is deeply committed to supporting our partners’ growth, and will continue to invest in building useful tools and providing relevant upskilling opportunities for them.”

Based on insights from food industry specialists, restaurateurs, consumer surveys, focus group talks, and Grab’s internal data, the report was prepared in partnership with NielsenIQ.

New Consumer Trends for Merchants to Leverage

Upsized orders – Many customers are purchasing larger meals, presumably for their families, resulting in higher basket size. In 2019, slightly over 60% of customers ordered on behalf of family members. Businesses in the food and beverage industry may take advantage of this by offering a choice of appealing family meal packages or providing trendy culinary items.

Growth in early-bird orders – Businesses may use this as an opportunity to introduce or expand their breakfast menus, as well as package them with popular beverage alternatives. Not only did basket size increase by 20%, but coffee and tea orders increased by almost 6X.

Grab’s First Food Trends Report in Malaysia Sees Food Delivery Demand to Continue to Rise
Highlights of the Grab Food Trend’s Report in Malaysia


Rise in health conscious eaters -7 out of 10 customers surveyed said they want to eat healthier, and 44% said they are willing to pay more for healthier food. Restaurants may leverage this by providing healthier meals or alternate cooking methods, such as using less salt, sugar, or organic products. As a result, retailers would be able to stretch their clientele.

Additional Tools for Stronger Growth

Within the GrabMerchant superapp, Grab has also introduced platform tools for merchants hoping to advance the success of their online business.

Ad Manager, a tool that allows merchants to improve their visibility on Grab’s merchant superapp. GrabMerchant Insights, a platform that gives businesses an in-depth look into consumer behaviour patterns and trends and GrabAcademy Courses, a one-stop learning centre for merchants to learn how to run and grow their business.

Additionally, Grab just created the ‘Grab Online Shop,’ which gives merchants an added channel to build their online presence through their own branded website. The full GrabFood Trends Report 2020/2021 can be downloaded HERE.