Good Vibes Festival Immediate Cancellation

A statement from Future Sound Asia (FSA)

Good Vibes Festival statement in their website and social media posts

Future Sound Asia (FSA) in its official statement, has announced that the remaining schedule of the Good Vibes Festival 2023 (GVF2023) has been cancelled following the controversial conduct and remarks made by British artist Matty Healy from the band, The 1975.

This decision is said to comply with the immediate cancellation directive issued at 1:20 PM, 22 July 2023, by the Ministry of Communications and Digital, which steadfastly opposes any parties challenging, ridiculing, or violating Malaysian laws.

“Over the past ten years, we have built Good Vibes Festival to be a uniquely Malaysian platform for enjoyable music experiences. This festival is not a transferable franchise, but a brand built from the ground up on Malaysian soil, cultivated by unyielding dedication, resilience, and financial risk. Now, this decade-long labour of love faces an unprecedented threat due to the actions of a single individual. This is a very challenging time for us,” Ben Law, Founder & Director of FSA, said.

Following the cancellation statement, GVF said that the move has dealt a financial blow to FSA. 

“However, the repercussions of this incident definitely extend beyond us. We fear it will erode the confidence of music promoters and various stakeholders in the live entertainment industry across the nation and threaten the stability of our burgeoning live arts scene.” the statement said.

“We firmly uphold our policy requiring all artists who perform at our festival to respect and adhere to Malaysian law and guidelines. We expect these principles to be maintained during performances. As festival organisers, FSA appreciates the trust our fans and authorities have placed in us over the years. We take our role in providing a safe, enjoyable music experience very seriously.”

According to the statement, prior to the festival, the 1975 management team reassured them that Healy and the band would adhere to local performance guidelines. 

“Regrettably, Healy did not honour these assurances, despite our trust in their commitment. Healy’s actions took us by complete surprise, and we halted the show as promptly as feasible following the incident.”

“Healy’s unprofessional behaviour and overt defiance of Malaysian laws and regulations are disturbing. Healy chose to use his performance as a platform to express his personal views, rather than deliver the quality show that his Malaysian fans were eagerly anticipating. This act is deeply unfair to his fans, who were looking forward to enjoying a memorable music experience.”

“FSA is now left to address the repercussions of actions taken by an individual not present to be held accountable and face the implications of his actions—impacting fans, industry players, and the nation.”

“Moving forward, we are committed to learning from this experience and taking necessary steps to reinforce communication with artists and their management teams. We will emphasise the importance of professionalism and adherence to local regulations to ensure that future events are conducted with even greater care and diligence.” 

Extending its apologies to the ticket holders, vendors, sponsors and partners, GVF said it will update the refund mechanism as soon as possible. 

“The Good Vibes Festival community has always been at the heart of our event. We appreciate your understanding and continued support during this challenging time. We eagerly anticipate the day when we can all come together again in person to celebrate the power of music, positivity, and good vibes.”

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