Forest City Safe Island: Home within the Realm of Nature and Top-Notch Security

Greenery for your peace of mind, exponential security for your safety in Safe Island by Country Garden Forest City


What is Safe Island?

Country Garden, a master developer in Iskandar Malaysia region that launched Forest City in Gelang Patah, Johor is evolving its role as a real estate developer into a City Operator with the project’s first island. Now fully occupied, Forest City is now thriving with two five-star hotels, IBS plant, international school and commercial areas with over 100 retail tenants on its premises.

As a City Operator with focus on residents’ welfare and safety, the shift went to exploring sustainable development, creating greater economic vitality for the region, enhancing regional value, and bringing in industries to create a stable and healthy city development ecosystem.

The city sets the stage for a healthier, happier, futuristic lifestyle, and dismisses the hidden risks that potentially heightened the inevitability that comes from the increase in population over security issues, resulting in the creation of four different Safe Islands.

Therefore, ever since the beginning of Forest City’s construction, the safety system has always been the top priority of urban planning, development and construction. In addition to the comprehensive hardware of smart security systems, Forest City also provides the residents with peace of mind through meticulous services by putting more emphasis on its urban safety systems.

From digitised municipal service system, to smart security monitoring system deployed all over the city, as well as the customised safe travel solutions, Forest City with its people-oriented security solutions to the community has proven its credibility being awarded with IDC Smart City Award in July 2019, an affirmation of Forest City’s work in building a smart city.

Forest City in its pursuit to become a prime model of future cities and during the urban development stage has continually emphasised on safe production and construction and would assess public safety in nine dimensions: natural safety, ecological safety, medical and health safety, food safety, traffic safety, public facilities safety, social security, social welfare security and information security.

The very notion of ‘Safe Island’ is innovations and investment from four aspects namely Build a Network of Sensors, Establish a Data Platform, Form a Management System and Develop Multi-tier Business Applications.

Forest City emphasises sustainable landscaping and focuses on the incorporation of sleek design in its development


The Establishment of a Data Platform is to extract new value data from multi-source, decentralise and fragment massive data, and construct a thematic database with elements of people, places, objects, and organisations.

Building a Network of Sensors is establishing a multi-dimensional sensing network to receive information on various elements in the community including people, vehicles and other features of the city. The information would then be accumulated and redistributed for monitoring and continual improvements via a centralised database.

Forming Management System means it will have the full collection of household and vehicle information, full control of entry and exit personnel and vehicle with its track record, leaving no ‘unknown’ to be roaming around the island suspiciously. On top of this, management is streamlined, utilising software to form a unified safety management standard and system across the island city.

Developing Multi-tier Business Applications refers to fully integrating the core demands of intelligence, security, management, and other applications such as AI and big data analysis to build a smart and safe island.

A perfect place for your family to settle into

Wake up from a peaceful slumber at night, knowing your home is within a neighbourhood that is safe and sound courtesy of Forest City’s Safe Island system with four level of defense – boundary protection deployed at community entrances, fences with face recognition, license plate recognition, WIFI data collection, perimeter intrusion detection, and a lot more.

The second level of defense is an internal protective network deployed at the roads, car parks and public places in the community, supported by technologies such as video surveillance, behaviour detection, face recognition, fire smoke detection, and fire pressure detection.

The third level of defence is at the gate of the estate supported by video surveillance and face recognition.

The fourth level of defence is at the corridor inside the blocks where the smoke sensors are installed for fire detection, infrared thermal sensors, one-key alarm and other equipment are installed for the elderly living alone, so to form a comprehensive protection network to eliminate most of the blind spots. To top off the four levels of internal defence lines, Forest City also works closely with the local government and has the community police patrolling at Forest City every day for enhanced security.

Truly the home you need for your family and a well-thought process for senior citizens to settle in. It is indeed an investment that will nurture your soul with beautiful surroundings, nature playing architects, mental assurance with esteemed security that rapidly evolves with time and convenience to move around swiftly to suit your needs.

Living in the future is possible and the future is right in Forest City’s Safe Island, just within your grasp.

Located among lush greenery, Safe Island is a place that promotes harmony between man and nature

State of The Art Design  

Safe Island’s public areas, such as the sales gallery, beach area, and Water Park, will deploy video intelligent analysis system and eagle-eye cameras to monitor the human traffic in real time using face recognition and AR real-time realisation technologies. Emergency alarm columns will also be installed at the beach area to ensure that security officers can be notified and respond to any emergencies as soon as possible.

In public car parks, the intelligent parking system would record all the incoming vehicles’ plate numbers, model, and parking lot to ensure the safety of the vehicle while providing convenience to the drivers. One resident reported that he once borrowed a friend’s car to travel. When he arrived at the car park, he was dumbfounded as he couldn’t locate the car in the two-storey car park. Thanks to the intelligent parking kiosk, he entered the car plate number and immediately found the parking place.

This is just a little real-life example of how the smart security system has been helpful. Forest City will provide even more enhanced smart security solutions to its residents through continuous efforts, from the smart parking system to the dynamic traffic management system, aiming to always provide residents with more efficient travel solutions.

Sustainable City Life

As a City Operator, Forest City continuously explores sustainable development, promoting the integration of “Industry, City, and People” by taking up on industrial-oriented planning to promote industrial development and create economic vitality, pushing for the implementation of intelligent solutions to improve efficiency, and to create the cultural symbol of Forest City by promoting integration between city, industry, and residents.

Forest City’s conceptual design was inspired by Country Garden’s Chairman Yeung Kwok Keung who pioneered the city’s multi-layered transportation network, vertical greening and open space, designed by Sasaki on its overall green master plan. Utilising a vertical greening concept, sky garden and roof garden system, Forest City adopts a multi-dimensional green system and thus has been conferred world class awards on its green and sustainability initiatives.

Forest City’s green masterplan, design and construction are based on GreenRE Gold standards, all of which has won several awards such as:
  1. Boston Society of Landscape Architect Award, one of the most renowned landscaping design awards in the US.
  2. Gold award for “The Best Future Mega Project” by MIPIM Asia.
  3. Pre-certified the gold recipient under LEED-CS by USGBC – Forest City Sales Gallery.
  4. United Nations Global Human Settlements Award on Planning and Design – Forest City IBS.

Look out for the eco-museum located right at the beach that will be open to the public where it contains a lot about the marine ecosystem around Forest City and demonstrate the city’s efforts to shape the harmony between man and nature. In the future, the museum will also become a practice base for residents and surrounding community to raise environmental awareness and promote green concepts.

Amenities and Advanced Technology

Looking at the current economic and social development situation, the huge potential of digital new infrastructure is even more precious. Online conference systems, e-hospitals, e-commerce, mobile payment, and big data services that enable life and work on the cloud have been playing an important role in epidemic prevention and production resumption. With the catalysis of the epidemic, new infrastructure development has become a strategic measure of Forest City to accelerate digital transformation.

In the short term, the digital new infrastructure can hedge the impact of the epidemic, help stabilise the economy and meet the needs of a digital economy in the long run. Just like any other major infrastructure development in history, it will eventually promote the industry development and the new infrastructure will also stimulate new demand, create new business models, push for economic transformation and upgrading, and foster high-quality economic development.

The company’s business transformation is an opportunity resulting from time, environment and our business development. We will be fully committed to push forward the operation of the city based on the situation and make Forest City truly a prime model of future cities. An excellent business model always emerges from the most turbulent times. With the three thrusts of policy, market demand and organisation development, the high-tech companies which are able to deeply integrate information technology and strive to create a better living standard for the people will arise under this adversity.

Nature and Recreational

 As Safe Island is committed towards sustainability, all greenery and nature around Forest City are completely preserved while the design is modern and amplified with technology that will continuously be updated to keep up with its change from time to time.

The four Safe Islands are dedicated to 4 different areas with the first one for High Tech Industrial Zone, followed by the Central Business District and Tourism Zone, Financial and Economic District and Conference and Forum Zone.

Island 1 of High Tech Industrial Zone is covering 979 acres of central business district, shopping malls, IT industrial park, playground and transportation centres.

Central Business District on its 1895 acres is the largest Safe Island where residents are located complete with Central Park, Sports Park, including the hospital and ferry terminals. Residential at this island ranges from villas and bungalows with each having an access to the beach, long serene walking trails around the island, multiple parks and as it is also a tourism district, expect wellness centres, golf courses and swimming pools for you to enjoy and unwind.

Work and more extended leisure are at the two different islands; the Financial and Economic District and the Conference and Forum Zone where each are 405 acres and 164 acres respectively. These two areas are where the customs and duty-free shopping centres paired with rows of luxury hotels, convention centres and international exchange centres are located.

Safe Island is the future of living, and live the future today with Forest City.