Esports Johor Debut its First Ever E-sports League in Johor


As the esports community starts to thrive, so does the support

Esports Johor hosted its first ever e-sports event, the Johor e-League Challenge 1.0 (JeLC 1.0), presented by the Johor online eSports community, The tournament, powered by Capital City, a one stop entertainment mall with the largest indoor theme park in southeast Asia-MCM Studio, consists of six chapters of competition with different types of games and a single event for the Grand Final Chapter.

The eSports community has flourished in recent years creating a new demand for eSports content, online streaming services and eSports tournaments. Realising the importance of having a long term and continuous tournament to cater these demands, the online Johor Esports community, is taking a step ahead by organising the Johor eLeague Challenge 1.0. The league first kicked off on 23rd of February 2019 with Chapter One: PUBG Mobile followed by Johor ELeague Chapter III Mobile Legends #1.0 on the 30th of March.

“With this great, user friendly and very relevant platform together with our idea on how to mix streaming, esports information, leader boards and tournament schedules, we have the prerequisites to attract attention from this rapidly growing audience,” said Dr. Haji Mohd Azlan, Founder of

Apart from PUBG Mobile, the other 5 chapters that will be hosted are FIFA 2019, Mobile Legends, PES 2019, Tekken and DOTA 2. The Final chapter will be organised in November 2019 expecting to be the biggest esports event in Johor.

As the official venue, Capital City is committed to supports the community by dedicating areas in the mall to be the Johor Esports Hub. “To show our commitment, apart from sponsoring the league, we are also offering a long term venue in Capital City for the use of the e-Sports community for free,” said Jenson Siow, Assistant Manager for event at Capital City.

The next PUBG Mobile Challenge 1.1 will be on 6th April 2019.