Double Joy For Family


Two sisters give birth to two babies on the same day

There can be nothing as fulfilling as bringing a new life into this world. It was a bundle of joy for two sisters who had delivered their babies on the same day, only 13 minutes apart recently at Columbia Asia Hospital–Iskandar Puteri.

Both sisters had delivered their third healthy baby by normal birth bringing them even closer especially with the two new adorable additions to their family sharing the same birth date now. The sisters were under the care of Dr Rajesh Mahendran Radha Krishnan, Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology, who safely delivered the babies without complications.

Bond – Both sisters delivered their babies on the same day

“I am happy and surprised at the same time, it was not planned at all, it just happened for both of us who got pregnant about the same time, but we really never thought that we will deliver on the same day and we even shared the same room in the maternity ward!” said the eldest sister, Ten Sok Yee, 33 who delivered a baby boy weighing 3.17kg.

The younger sister, Ten Sok Yin, 32 who delivered a baby girl weighing 2.84kg also joked that their families could save money in future by having both birthday celebrations in one ceremony adding she and her sister have been loyal patients at CAHIP since their first-born child.

Cheng Chee Long, 38, the husband of Ten Sok Yee also felt overjoyed with their new addition to their family and would like to thank everyone at CAHIP for making sure everything went smoothly for them.