Do You Know the Price of Your Groceries?

A KPDNHEP enforcement officer checking on the cooking oil’s price at a supermarket in Johor

The Johor Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) have taken proactive initiatives and actions by continuously monitoring and inspecting the supply of basic necessities throughout the state of Johor.

Inspections throughout Johor

After monitoring and inspection, the supply of essential items is adequate and easily available. To date, the supply of basic necessities is sufficient at all tiers from manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Based on records, a total of 367 premises were covered, consisting of 267 retailers, 85 wholesalers and 15 manufacturers by KPDNHEP Johor in all districts from 1 January 2021 to 9 January 2021. During the inspection, no price increases on basic necessities were found during the inspection run.

No price hike were found during the inspection run

Advice to the Public

KPDNHEP Johor would like to advise the public to buy goods as needed only and not to buy goods in excess. Consumers are also advised to continue to comply with SOPs and health advice that is emphasised, especially when going out to get daily necessities. Johor KPDNHEP Enforcement with a total of 200 officers will always monitor and carry out inspections so that basic and daily supplies are sufficient for the people of Johor.

KPDNHEP would like to advise traders – especially in the state of Johor to comply with all business laws set by the Ministry and not take the opportunity to increase the price of goods arbitrarily during this period. Strict action will be taken if offense related to supply and price was found.

KPDNHEP commits to inspect the price of goods regularly to ensure necessities are enough for citizens

Reporting Misconduct

Johor consumers can channel information or complaints related to trader misconduct to the Ministry through:

  • Line 03 – 8000 8000 Malaysia Government Call Center (MYGCC)
  • Call center 1800 886 800.
  • Enforcement Command Centre (ECC) 03 – 8882 6245/6088.
  • KPDNHEP WhatsApp complaint number is 019 – 279 4317.
  • Email
  • Ez ADU smartphone app.
  • Report / attend to any KPDNHEP District Branch Office throughout the state of Johor.