Distraction-Free: Work from Hotel Instead of Home

- Advertisement -Distraction-Free: Work from Hotel Instead of HomeDistraction-Free: Work from Hotel Instead of Home
- Advertisement -Distraction-Free: Work from Hotel Instead of Home

Working from home is so 2020, and the new way to do it is by working from a hotel! What is there not to love? Changing perspectives from your home (minus the distractions) while supporting your local hotels; that is killing two birds with one stone! Before you catch on with this trend, stay vigilant with these 5 points I’ve learnt while staying at Pinetree Marina Resort (Pinetree):

Safety First

Pinetree Marina Resort limits their access to the public where the lobby and lifts lead to the rooms that are only accessible by the room keycards which mean only guests could stay present in the building, minimising risks in shared spaces. Pinetree has also received Clean & Safe Malaysia hotel certification acknowledging their space and regulations is of standard so you could be at ease for your stay.

Minimal Contact

The only time I remember seeing any staff while I’m burying my nose deep in my work is during the meal times. Pinetree’s Work from Hotel package sent breakfast, lunch and tea set meals to my room in bento form so I seldom passed by any other guests. So it’s just me, my immediate colleagues, or family and maybe room service.

Distraction-Free: Work from Hotel Instead of Home
The hall available is perfect to change your working space from room to dining hall

Strong Wi-Fi = Great Productivity!

I was worried about the connectivity, a common concern whenever I am away from my trusted home Wi-Fi but that turned out to be not an issue because my stay at the Premier 3 Bedroom apartment at level 14 had impeccable internet connection to ensure my workflow is not disrupted, especially when conference meetings are scheduled. My productivity was top notch here!

Long-Stay Friendly

I needed to stay ahead of my work and my chores; therefore, the laundry room with drying functions and as well as a small kitchen with refrigerator is great for me to stay for a few days here. The Pasar is also just a few steps away from the building to get some groceries or midday snacks.

Distraction-Free: Work from Hotel Instead of Home
Bento breakfast served at 9am with coffee from Cafes Richard

Value for your Money

The pandemic hit the economy hard, so being aware of what you are spending is crucial. Pinetree offers an affordable Work from Hotel’s package at RM299 nett for an Executive 2 Bedroom apartment which could fit 4 people per room, and RM399 nett for Premier 3 Bedroom apartment with a maximum capacity of 6 persons. All rates are inclusive of Breakfast and Lunch in Bento, and Tea Breaks with free flow of coffee and tea. Available for use from 9am to 6pm, just top up RM100 for a night’s stay if you wish.

Distraction-Free: Work from Hotel Instead of Home
Bento lunch served right at your doorstep to minimise contact with other persons

Currently, their Weekday Exclusive and Weekend Getaway Packages are extended to 31st December 2020. The Weekday Exclusive is offered at RM260 nett with breakfast for 2 and Weekend Getaway at RM370 nett with breakfast and hi-tea buffet for 2.

Now that you are ready to Work from Hotel, email your reservations at enquiries@pinetreemarinaresort.com or ask them about the long stay via phone call at +607-266 8288. More information are available at www.pinetreemarinaresort.com.  

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