Dangerous Stunt by Children Requires Decisive Action


The act of two children on a moving car raised concerns among public

A video and screen capture of two children atop a moving vehicle at Taman Scientex, Pasir Gudang went viral on social media and should not be taken lightly as such an incident is beyond appalling and not only is the act endangering the lives of the said children but other road users too.

Liow Cai Tung, state assemblywoman For Johor Jaya and State Tourism, Women, Family And Community Development Committee Chairwoman lauded Seri Alam’s Polis DiRaja Malaysia (PDRM) for their quick and prompt investigation and for immediately recognised the owner or the driver of the said vehicle as well as the children in the said viral video. Witnesses of the act were also encouraged to give a statement in order to help the authority in this issue.

No tolerance and compromise shall be given towards such acts. She hopes the police and the authorities involved would take stern and decisive action against the crime committed as a deterrent to the public as well that such types of act is putting everyone in the close proximity in danger.

She calls for every parent to let children be aware that committing such an act would endanger everyone involved and it is especially dangerous for the children themselves.

Liow added that parents and the society should share the same responsibility in order to ensure the safety of the children, referring to the killed teenagers on their modified ‘basikal lajak’ back in 2017. That should be the one and only lesson for all that safety on the road should be our first and foremost priority.

Bystanders and the people who recorded the act are also are urged to be responsible by reporting to the police immediately so that swift action could be taken at once. This would prevent any unwanted situations to follow later.