Crack Some Crabs and Binge on Baos for Lunch

Wan Li Chinese Restaurant invites you into an exquisite mid-day feast of seafood and Xiao Long Baos to boost some good mood

Crabs cooked traditionally in Ginger Onion Sauce

There is something significant about getting a meal during a break in the middle of a busy day – it has to be filling, but it could also be more interesting to take your mind off of what happened or is about to happen in the day.

Although I would not have imagined myself downing a whole crab with colleagues, clients, or friends for lunch, but that would be intriguing to lift up the mood of the day.

Wan Li Chinese Restaurant (Wan Li) in Renaissance Hotel Johor Bahru (Renaissance JB) is offering an exquisite lunch experience with ‘Crablicious’, cooked in either signature or traditional with choices of 5 for signature and 6 options for traditional method.

We were served 2-3kg of crabs in two different ways – Signature Sarawak White Pepper and Traditional Ginger Onion Sauce. My friend absolutely loved the taste of the traditional, Ginger Onion Sauce. Chef Yee Weng Ding, visited us for a chat and explained that the crabs and ingredients are freshly supplied daily and the priority is quality of the crabs for guests to enjoy.

“We try to minimise food waste, so if we have extra crabs, they will go to our (ongoing) Pan Asian Dinner Buffet,” he told us enthusiastically – a sustainable practise, if you are looking for a responsible restaurant.

Price and menu for Crablicious

Priced at RM28.80 per 100 gram, the minimum order for the crabs is 1kg. If you feel it’s too much to have crabs for lunch, the Crablicious is available for both lunch and dinner from 11am to 3pm and 6pm to 10pm until from June until the end of July 2023.

Sadly, as I have a seafood allergy, especially shellfish, I opted to have the freshly steamed Six Palate Xiao Long Bao in the traditional bamboo steamer. There are six different fillings such as Black Truffle, King Scallop, “Ma La”, Tom Yam, Nyonya and Korean “Shin” flavours.

My absolute favourite was the exotic taste of Black Truffle and Nyonya flavour that was bursting in my mouth. Warm and nice, a perfect meal when I want to have something tasty and light.

Xiao Long Baos steamed in bamboo set

The Six Palate Xiao Long Bao is priced at RM33 per set. You may order separate flavours at RM18 for 3pcs and RM28 for 3 pieces of Black Truffle or King Scallop.

The Xiao Long Bao set is only available for lunch from 11am to 3pm daily for the month of May and June 2023, so hurry. Finally, to cool yourself down, don’t forget to order the Passionfruit Jelly, a favourite dessert among patrons.

A favourite dessert at Wan Li Chinese Restaurant – Passionfruit jelly

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