Singaporean Rap Multi-hyphenate ALYPH Brings The HEAT In New Single


Singaporean rap multi-hyphenate ALYPH continues to build towards his next project with ‘HEAT’, his second single of 2023 following February’s ‘CHECK’.

Just like the latter single, ‘HEAT’ blazes right into the minutiae of his daily life. If ‘CHECK’ took note of his circumstances, ‘HEAT’ analyzes the headspace of the man whose hip-hop pursuit has raised him to stunning heights.

Yet, even at the top, things can slow down. ALYPH is here to reveal that standing still is not necessarily a bad thing–it’s how you continue your movements ahead, and storing away energy until it’s needed the most.

“HEAT is about looking for energy after being dormant for a while,” ALYPH explains. “It’s an everyday thing – every single time I want to head to work, or do something, I need to be motivated, to feel pumped for the day.”

While its title may suggest something explosive, ‘HEAT’ simmers and glides like a sports car surveying an unfamiliar environment. Every day presents something new for ALYPH – he needs to bring the heat, but he must do it with purpose.

Tuhan menguji / mental pernah trip / badan pernah trip / tapi aku switch / get a grip,” he raps in Malay over a swaggering piano-driven trap beat. The line translates to “God is testing / Mentally tripped / The body has tripped / But I switch / Get a grip,” where he sees life’s trials as a test of devotion and vigilance. Even when he’s exhausted, he must train himself to switch his energy back up for the next move.

Later in the song, he reveals his energy comes from maintaining the drive and hunger he started with – ”rookie energy”, as he puts it in the opening verse – even as he continues to perform at the top of his game. “It’s not about proving myself to anyone. It’s about not wanting to get comfortable because there’s always something more that I want to achieve for myself,” he explains.

“There’s more I can contribute to this space and industry, more stories to tell and more people to reach out to. There’s no specific ‘goal’ I want to achieve. I just want to be bigger and better.”

For ALYPH’s fans, they can expect more from the artist as things keep moving behind the scenes. While ‘HEAT’ may only mark his second single of the year thus far, there’s much more in store. “It feels like I’m consistently and quietly training,” he reveals. “Now, I’m ready to show the world what I can do.” In 2023, ALYPH brings the heat all right: with underdog focus and top-dog results. The music video for HEAT is available on YouTube.