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Charity Begets Charity

IMSHA 2014 winner Kechara Soup Kitchen and Ponderosa collaborates for humanitarian causes

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Despite a relatively quiet year due to lesser crowds to flatten the pandemic curve, Ponderosa Golf & Country Resort managed to make collections of used room linen, pre-loved clothes and some cash for the benefit of Kechara Soup Kitchen (KSK) Society’s humanitarian initiatives.

In line with the resort’s long-term ‘Green Leap Forward’ Campaign, and where one of the phases was ‘NO PLASTIC’ to discourage the use of plastic launched in February 2020, a donation box was introduced to collect monies from members or guests who require a plastic bag for their soiled clothes after activities at the Sports & Recreation Centre.  In principal, they were required to ‘pay’ for the plastic bags but in reality it was up to their goodwill to drop any amount into the box.  A total of RM397.15 was collected and presented to Merlin Hoo, the Branch Manager of KSK.

“Despite the small amount, we nevertheless wish to hand whatever we have collected for the year to KSK.  The ‘NO PLASTIC’ initiative is ongoing and the donation box will remain as a long-term feature at the Sports & Recreation Centre to continue collecting funds for KSK for year 2021,” said Tan Kai Yang, General Manager of Ponderosa Golf & Country Resort.

Some clothing collected from the Club’s previous Pre-Loved Campaign which was held over Christmas 2019, together with discarded, clean room linen were also given to KSK for their continued empowerment work for women who will upcycle the materials, to sell for an income.

Ponderosa Golf & Country Resort began ‘A Green Leap Forward’ Campaign in December last year for environmental sustainability; an initiative which were divided into phases that included elements of education on environment conservation for the young during activities and adopting practices such as waste separation, re-use or upcycling whenever possible (e.g. converting used buggy tires into seats), discouraging the use of plastic packaging, encouraging water and energy conservation among guests and employees.

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