Attacked For Being All Ears to the Community


Sometimes, help could fall on deaf ears

Most of us might be wary to step into a commotional situation; afraid it might backfire. We would perhaps quietly walk away, hoping for a hero amongst us to save the day.

James Ho, a name no stranger to the community for being selfless, was driving by at Jalan Tun Abd Razak/Jalan Ngee Heng, Johor Bahru when he saw a commotion due to an accident by the roadside. Innately ready to see how he could offer help, James stopped. Unfortunately, his offer to lend his ear was taken literally. The man involved in the incident confronted and charged at James with a long pole hitting the ear and tearing the cartilage. While another woman charged at James’s friend John with another long pole. She failed, but managed to get away with John’s phone. James managed to tackle his attacker down and tied him up. The attacker was found to be intoxicated.

Screengrab of James and his friend being confronted – they wielded poles

For heroes like James, this attack wouldn’t stop him from helping. Instead, he sees humanity unfolding even more. A passer-by gave James the video recording he took of the incident as evidence and a doctor offered to waive the ear surgery fees for James. It’s comforting that kindness is everywhere at least.

Ear-to-ear grin after a successful surgery

“All real and selfless people have some kinds of scars. Each scar has its own unique story,” said James, sharing a message from his friend adding, “May yours be memorable.”

James Ho is an Iskandar Malaysia Social Hero Awards winner in 2015 and founder of Yayasan Suria Permas JB, an NGO helping hunger and poverty relief.