An Eco-Friendly Gallery That Acts as the One-Stop of Giving and Gifting

Care United opens its charity handicrafts and services gallery


Care United (M) Sdn Bhd was set up early last year to help Care United Society Johor Bahru (CUSJB) raise funds by selling artisanal tribal woven bags, through its newly launched gallery that carries an extensive range of hand-woven artisanal bags that have been crafted by the tribal women of Borneo, making it arguably one of the most extensive line of artisanal woven bag collection for sale in Johor.

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The gallery which offers uniquely crafted handbags known as MyBag is located at Jalan Molek Taman Molek, Johor Bahru. Bags that are created under the notion of Sustainable Trade, ensure that the weavers are paid fair wages and assisted in purchasing raw materials consisting of recycled materials that are eco-friendly known as polypropylene (recycled plastic) to prevent further depletion of the Malaysian rainforest. At the same time, the effort is looking into preserving Malaysian traditional artisan cultural heritage of weaving as well.

MyBag weavers are from different indigenous tribes of Borneo, consisting of Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei citizens who reside in the rainforest and mostly living as hunter-gatherers, with little means of income.

Datuk Florence Goh and the gallery staffs beside the decoupage portrait of the Prime Minister

Besides offering affordable unique bags and containers at RM35 to RM250 price range, the gallery is also taking services of decorating your holiday gift hampers with their eco-friendly and reusable bags, to ensure a much more sustainable gifting season and at the same time, helping out for a good cause. Proceeds from purchase and service fee would go to the hand weavers wage and CUSJB’s funds to help sustain their charitable works.

Care United Society Johor Bahru mainly raises funds to help aid 20,000 children and adults every year from the underprivileged community in Malaysia. Some of their notable efforts include the ‘Back To School’ programme and Food Aid project.