Al-Ikhsan Sports Deploys Cutting-Edge Technology to Shape the Future of the In-Store Retail

The partnership will revolutionise customer experiences and enhance store performance

Vach Pillutla, CEO of Al-Ikhsan Sports (left) with Barry Ooi, Co-Founder/CEO of ComeBy

Al-Ikhsan Sports, a leading sports retailer in Malaysia, has partnered with ComeBy, a retail analytics platform, to revolutionise customer experiences and enhance store performance. The partnership aims to tailor products and services to meet customer-specific needs, enabling Al-Ikhsan Sports to tap into data and improve store performance. The platform will track return on investment, staff performance, and upsell and cross-selling capabilities, allowing Al-Ikhsan Sports to make informed decisions and maintain its competitive edge. The collaboration aims to provide personalised shopper experiences and enhance store performance across 51 outlets in Malaysia.

With a strong focus on staying at the forefront of technological advancements in retail, Al-Ikhsan Sports aims to tailor its products and services to meet customer-specific advance needs. This collaboration will enable Al-Ikhsan Sports to tap into a wealth of data, improving the way they understand their customers, optimise their stores, and drive revenue growth.

“At Al-Ikhsan Sports, we are always looking at ways to improve the overall customer journey within our stores” said Vach Pillutla, Chief Executive Officer of Al-Ikhsan Sports.

“Through our partnership with ComeBy, we can really leverage on technology to understand the key metrics of Traffic, capture and conversion at the stores and can improve individual store performance by putting in place initiatives to drive traffic, enhance front end look and feel to bring in higher footfalls or ensure stronger visual merchandising or even bring in the most appropriate merchandise for the catchment. The combination of our industry-leading expertise with cutting-edge solutions from Comeby which surely allow us to deliver a future-ready retail experience.”

As part of their proactive approach to data-driven decision-making, Al-Ikhsan Sports will leverage a robust platform to track their return on investment in real time, ensuring efficient resource allocation. The platform will also empower Al-Ikhsan Sports stores to measure staff performance, including visitor-to-customer conversion rates as well as average transaction values to upsell and obtain cross-selling capabilities. Armed with valuable insights on shopper browsing, best-selling products, and emerging trends, Al-Ikhsan Sports will be able to make informed decisions to eliminate blind spots and sustain its competitive edge.

According to Barry Ooi, Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder of Comeby,”The goal is to stitch all these ‘offline cookie’ datapoints and provide Al-Ikhsan full insights into each of its stores, so they can understand exactly what their shoppers are interested in and exactly why they leave, and provide a more personalised shopper experience.”

This collaborative effort highlights Al-Ikhsan Sports and ComeBy’s shared vision to shape in-store retail’s future by integrating advanced technology with exceptional service, setting new industry standards.

Al-Ikhsan Sports was established in 1993 with a single store of 150 sq ft in Holiday Plaza, Johor Bahru by Tuan Haji Ali Hassan and has grown to now 180+ stores throughout Peninsular Malaysia. Al-Ikhsan aims to provide an affordable alternative to Malaysians living a healthy and sporty life as well as giving local football fans a wide choice.

Al-Ikhsan is now set to roll out the solution across 51 outlets across Malaysia, with further expansion planned soon.

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