16-year-old R&B Prodigy Signs with UMS

Universal Music Singapore: Introducing Universal Music Singapore's New Signing - R&B Prodigy, SYAZ SMOOTH, With His New Single 'Menunggu'


Universal Music Singapore is proud to announce the signing of 16-year-old R&B prodigy Syaz Smooth. He makes his highly-anticipated label debut with a stunning new single titled ‘Menunggu’, produced by Flightsch. Syaz Smooth makes history as Universal Music Singapore’s youngest signee, but his decade-long experience shows an individual more ready than ever for big moves ahead.

“We are so excited to welcome Syaz Smooth to the Universal family,” says Simon Nasser, Managing Director for Universal Music Singapore. “At his young age, he has proven to be an impressive talent. I can’t wait to work together with him to build his career as a bonafide artist and regional star.”

Syaz Smooth is one of the biggest child success stories in Singapore’s music industry. Having entered Asia’s Got Talent at age 12, he found his calling as he developed his skills under the guiding hand of legendary record producer David Foster, who also gave Syaz his artist moniker.

He’s a seasoned stage performer – having performed with the Singapore Malay Orchestra and nationwide at the 2019 National Day Parade – and a sensational acting talent with his work in the television drama ‘This Land Is Mine’.

Now an artist with a clear and unshakeable vision at such a young age, Syaz Smooth kickstarts his new musical journey with ‘Menunggu’. A modernized spin on classic R&B, ‘Menunggu’ was drawn from the neon-lit intimacy of artists like DVSN and Bryson Tiller.

The artist also draws from classic icons. “I grew up listening to the likes of Bobby Brown, Boyz 2 Men, Marvin Gaye and Brian McKnight – which sparked my interest and love for R&B in the first place,” he says. The duality of classic R&B romance and modern sensibilities is what gives ‘Menunggu’ its immediate charm.

No matter his experience, Syaz Smooth is undeniably a child of the social media age. It’s that youthful insight and experience that lends itself to its deeply relatable lyrics.

Syaz first wrote ‘Menunggu’ after observing how young relationships develop and unfold under the digital gaze. He quickly learned that certain obstacles are almost universal. These lessons informed his own life as he felt trapped by the boundaries of living life as a young boy, with rules to follow and expectations to fulfil.

Therefore, ‘Menunggu’ works not just as a plea for human connection, but also as a reflection of the fiery ambitions that consume our young hearts. The R&B icons who continue to inspire Syaz have demonstrated their ability to tell their stories with striking timelessness. At 16, Syaz already displays that confidence in his songwriting and performance.

“I feel like everyone would be able to relate to this song in one way or another, based on whatever experiences they’ve had,” he says of ‘Menunggu’.

‘Menunggu’ will be available on all streaming platforms.